Professional Preparation And Delivery Step By Step

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All painters and teams at The Painter Pros follow a simple and systematic process. They take things step by step, delivering beautiful designs on both, interior and exterior projects. These are the steps:

Step 1


The first and probably one of the most important steps is the estimation. A team of experts put their heads together to figure out the costs and the possible solutions for your home or business. We provide clients with all the facts, with no surprising fees. The key is to be clear and transparent, and that is the only way we work. The experts will print out his estimate and answer all questions you may have.

Step 2

Establishing A Schedule

In most cases, our team begins the work about two weeks after the initial estimation. Before we arrive, we will call to confirm all the specifications including coverage areas, pricing, and colors. We will also confirm the time of our arrival. After confirming everything, you can be sure that we’ll hold our end of the deal to the last detail.

Step 3

Preparation Is Key To Lasting Results

The first step of preparation is power washing exterior walls or scrubbing the ones inside. Power washing is very important because it gets rid of all chemicals that might cause the paint to peel and lose color. Applying color to walls without washing them first wouldn’t give those lasting results we all want. Our team of pressure washing experts will be the first on site, making sure that the location is ready for painting.

Good preparation is the most important step and that is why we put lots of effort into it. We protect all delicate surfaces and smooth out the walls. We sometimes also perform minor maintenance jobs if needed.

Step 4

Applying The Paint

This is the step where the real magic happens. Before painting, our team will cover all areas with a primer, to make sure that the paint sticks to the wall. Then, we apply the selected color. Exteriors often need two coats of paint and we will discuss the issue with you before the second layer. If you have a problem with choosing the right color, our painters will gladly help you.

Step 5

Cleaning Up

When the painting is over with, it is followed by a thorough cleanup. You don’t have to worry a bit because our team will make sure that they leave the location spotless and ready for use.

Step 6

Making Sure That You Are Satisfied

We take a final walk around the area to inspect every inch of it. If there is a need, we will correct any mistakes. Then, we will take you through the entire project, to make sure that you are satisfied.

Step 7

Pay And Move In

Once everything is complete, we will contact you for details on the final payment. Then, we leave the location, making sure it is clean and tidy, just like we found it. All you have to do then is enjoy your newly painted home.

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